Resin Bound Paving in Carlisle, Cumbria

Naturally accruing shingle, crushed granite or quartz mixed with formulated standard resin for most colours and for any colour that has white, black, silver or cream a UV stable resin must be used to form a mixture which is poured and hand trowelled to a smooth finish.

Resin bound paving provides a water-permeable surface when laid on a an open grade binder
asphalt. The resin bound mixture has open voids across the surface, allowing air to flow freely and surface water to filter through the structure, making it highly suitable for driveways, paths, tree pits and areas prone to standing water. The smooth surface, with no loose stones, is ideal for wheelchair access and tough enough to withstand pressure washing.

By contrast, resin bonded surfacing is non-permeable and must be laid on a non-porous fine wearing course asphalt or concrete base. With resin bonded paving, soakaways and ACO drains must be installed to prevent run-off which could lead to flooding.

‘Resin bonded’ is sometimes also used as a generic term for both systems. This can be
misleading, since the systems produce different results.

Driveways, car parks and paths

For your newly prepared footings we can use a porous asphalt system, overlaid with resin-bound aggregate, to create a beautiful natural stone finish.

The advantage of porous asphalt is that it can be laid directly on to a consolidated MOT type 3 sub-base [MOT type 3 has less fines than MOT type 1, so allowing water to pass through more easily], so complying with SUDS regulations.

Resin Bound Paving can be laid on concrete, 50 mm of open grade permeable tarmac, on top of existing Block Paving or Type 1 Sub Base.

The type of base the resin bound can be laid on for driveways must be a solid surface i.e. concrete, tarmac or block paving.  Walkways, patios and all other non-vehicular areas will only require a type 1 sub base with a non-woven geotextile membrane and the laid with your colour choice of resin bound paving. 

With over 50 different colours of stone, granite, quartz, rubber and glass we are sure we have something for all of our customers needs.

Depending on what type of traffic the resin bound paving is being used for will determine the thickness and drying time, normally 20mm depending on the base the resin bound paving will be applied to.

  • First the concrete or bitumen/asphalt drive is cleaned with a pressure washer, shot blaster or scabbler.
  • Minor cracks are repaired and any loose material is removed.
  • In a forced-action mixer, the aggregate with a UV-stable high-grade resin liquid are bound together. This is poured onto the area to be surfaced.
  • The aggregate mixture is then handtrowelled onto the prepared drive or path to give a smooth finish.
  • Finally a scattering of anti slip glass sand is applied onto the wet resin surface to provide a extra grip.
  • Suds compliant
  • No more weeds
  • Easy to clean
  • Colour fast and UV stable
  • Resists chemicals
  • Camouflage drains
  • Permeable
  • Hard wearing
  • Easy to look after

Yes, we have a range of covering to use as stone carpets, stairs, kitchens, in pubs/clubs, garages and much more.

Other uses for Resin Bound paving:

  • Tree Pits
  • Parks
  • Pedestrian Zones
  • Swimming Pools
  • School Playgrounds
  • Driveways
  • Garden Paths
  • Patio
  • Bridges
  • Stairways
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